California Health Insurance Rate Hikes Face Regulation

In California, health insurance rate hikes are one of the hottest issues being discussed not only by consumers, but also by the California legislature. Every year, insurance companies have been increasing health insurance premiums even though they are reporting record profit levels.Skyrocketing premiums are one of the main reasons why some people tend to neglect their health care. High premiums are forcing millions of Californians to go without health coverage. Since 1999, individual and family Read more [...]

Understanding Health Insurance

Health insurance is a necessity for everyone who wishes to maintain or improve their health. Whether you use your health insurance for regular checkups, chronic and debilitating illnesses, or unexpected emergencies, you will find that carrying an insurance policy can result in a significant cost savings for you and your family. Those who carry health insurance often have a difficult time understanding what is covered under their policy and where they can go to obtain the services that they require. Read more [...]

Understanding HMO, PPO and FFS Health Insurance Plans

Health insurance is offered in various forms today. Traditionally, health insurance plans were indemnity plans; the insured paid a premium, the physician provided health care services, the health insurance plan was billed, and the health insurance plan paid for covered services. As health care costs became astronomical, health insurance companies developed different plans that were aimed at providing quality health care at affordable prices. Managed health care became the buzzword for the Read more [...]